Treatment Protocol

What Sets Us Apart

•We offer the latest laser technology available in the market and we are the only ones in the Rio Grande Valley to offer it. The new IN-Motion™ technology - virtually pain-free laser hair removal without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels.

A Diode Modern laser technology known to be  “Gold Standard” for Laser Hair Removal.

Works with all skin type (from I to VI) including tanned skin with Successful results.

Cooling system that provides continuous contact cooling of your skin to maximize your comfort and protecting your skin from the procedure.

•Our treatments are individually tailored to your skin type needs and are provided by well trained and experienced staff.

•Flexible procedure schedules based on your personal needs.

We offer competitive prices, monthly promotions, and payment options!

The number of treatments depends on the several considerations including skin type, hair color, hair thickness and density, and hormonal factors. We typically recommend 6 to 8 treatments to get optimum results. Some people may see a significant reduction after one treatment while others may need more than 8 treatments. It is important to recognize that each individual hair undergoes different stages of growth. It is only possible to destroy the hair follicle and bulb while the individual hair is in its active growth phase. Each laser hair removal treatment aims to destroy the portion of the hair which is actively growing. That is why it takes several visits to realize a significant reduction in hair. However, with each treatment there is cumulative damage to the hair follicle and a progressive reduction in the number and diameter of hairs that are growing.

The time between visits varies, but depends primarily on location of the hair on the body. Hair on the face grows much more quickly than hair on the legs. We recommend treatment on the face every 4 weeks whereas the time between treatments for the legs can be 6 to 8 weeks. In general, we like to see that clients start experiencing significant hair growth in the treated area before the next visit.
The cost of treatments depends on the area for hair removal; larger areas typically require more time to perform the treatments and therefore cost more.